GET OUT OF FLORIDA NOW show # 510. Make it a mini vacation if you can.

This list is my opinion on what to bring with you as you leave Florida for a few days.

1. 4 Bottled water (more if you travel with kids)
2. Radio
3. Three Bic lighters
4. First Aid kit and toilet items.
5. Contact info for Friends or Relatives.
6. Multi tool or knife and a small mess kit
7. Roll of quarters or $10 cash in 1 dollar bills.
8. decide what emergency clothing you might need keep it very simple
9. 3 small flashlights and booster charger for cell phone
10. bag jerky, energy bars,instant coffee/tea etc. maybe a small mess kit
11. 2 space blankets. 50′ rope. (maybe paracord or tarred bank line)
12. backup supply of emergency meds (aspirin etc also)
13. 2 pair rubber gloves.
14. 2 dust masks and ear plugs
15. roll duct tape and 2 disposable plastic ponchos
16. 1 9’x12′ or about this size plastic drop cloth.
17. 2 -1 gallon zip lock bags and a few garbage bags.
18. 10 wet naps and 1 pack foot or hand warmers
19. loud whistle (might not hurt to get whistle with compass etc. built in)
20. pen and paper,maybe a small info book etc.
Dan Place
This list is my opinion on what to bring with you as you leave Florida for a few days.
FEMA .gov and RED also have several list you can download.

And for all you hardcore Prepper’s in Florida. Now might be the time to find higher, dryer,  ground and be ready to help rebuild if you can. I can only imagine how bad this could get if we get a direct hit. Having seen a Monster Tornado first hand I can only be way concerned with one MONSTER HURRICANE that touches down for days.

Stay Safe our Get home bag kit might make your travel nicer even if used as a BUG OUT BAG. Make it a mini vacation if you can.

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Product Multi Tasking show #509.

Product Multi Tasking  show #509.

Get a flurry of activity going around your best buys.

How to earn money at garage sales part 2. Lets use Product Multi Tasking.

A brief comment on the changing climate within the jewelry business.

Let’s look at estate sales thinking Product Multitasking.

     You also have to also remember that jewelry stores are competing with this Estate sales store plus the jewelry stores also have to compete with companies in China and that is why so many jewelers have some growing Estate sale areas. They use to maybe have a little – one little shelf in the corner for people or clients that came in and want to buy something for their child that wasn’t very expensive or they want to get something that was just something old and used and just – it gave them a little option. Well they’re turning into having a whole section on Estate sale areas because it’s got a stronger margin because they cannot only sell the stuff and handles some of the gap when they have slow moving inventory, they can also optimize staff that can deal with less  clients or a less wealthy client, let’s just out it that way.

       It gives them another little opportunity to make a sale in their store with stuff that they Bought. They very well may have gotten for 10 cents on a dollar also. So that’s jewelers – jewelry stores comparing themselves with the Estate sale stores for jewelry. If you want to start your own jewelry store or your own Estate jewelry store, think about this. You get to sell your inventory and where do you get your inventory, you can get it – you can start it off by garage selling in the Estate sales and the community sales and stuff like that. You can also go to auctions. But the walk in traffic might be the best.

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Product Multi Tasking  show Product Multi Tasking  show

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