Special Second Opinion Garage Sales Setup week Three show # 486.

Before reading about a usable car Listen to this Garage Sales Setup podcast.. Then check out my thoughts on cheap rides for spring.

If you have a pickup truck you can haul stuff, it depends on what kind of vehicle you have and how serious you are about garage sales. For the stuff I buy, I buy big speakers and stuff I need more room than I can have by just folding down the rear seats. I just remove the rear seats for the summer.

Based on whatever kind of vehicle you have – if you haven’t bought a car to garage sale with or your thinking about garage sales more seriously than you do right now, my opinion is something like a Honda Civic Hatchback or any of those kind of things. Because the hatch space is ridiculous. If you wanna put stuff in you’d be surprised. Garage Sales Setup is awesome.

If you look, I think a Honda civic cubic feet is like 50 cubic feet when you consider the hatch in them, or some nutty crazy thing. They go from like 12 cubic feet with a 4 door to a 50 cubic feet hatch back.

You can just put a ton of stuff in there.  I’ve, in my Honda Civic when I had it, hauled snowboards, rototillers, all kinds of things in there. Complete big speaker systems and big amplifiers.Performance type amps with heads and stuff. With a little tiny Honda Civic or a Ford Escort or Focus, any hatchback you can do amazing things. You can also modify your car a little bit, without damaging the safety features of course, you can modify it to haul, hold extra stuff. Another thing is if you have the trunk of a car and things are going to shift around you can always get a cargo net.

Enjoy Garage Sales Setup And here is Link to Folding Table from Cosco

Homestead Custom Creations

Answer to the Garage sale Guessing Game.

Winner this week was The Princess.

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