Garage sale Tips 2017 show #489.

Garage sale Tips 2017 show #489.

I stood looking at a clean vintage Schwinn traveler road bike for $30 it was

ride-able.  I could have bought it for $10 it was worth easy $100 – $175 I just

have not been buying bikes this year so I decided against it.

You might have needed a bike and there it was ready to go for Cheap.

This plays out like this often at garage sales.
 Right now …yes now… write down on a sheet of paper what kind of money you can spend on a form of transportation. Now imagine buying 10 times the value for that price. I buy $200 plus bike often for $20. I have found cars, etc. for nice prices. Check my podcasts on buying a car or bike.
FAKE Luxury

My Daughter and I were shopping in Gross point near Detroit a well funded garage sale area for sure . we found a whole pile of Luis Vitton Purses and we decided to buy them all for about $175 …. we are living large now… or so we thought..

Then we find out that all our hard earned cash went to … you guessed it. FAKES :O

Now we do buy REAL QUALITY ITEMS and we have learned the hard way the “feel” of high end products.

Most people can tell you the whole story on their high end stuff…but my podcast might just help you learn a better way to buy.

Being exposed to the finest brands made and buying them for almost nothing will change the way you feel about marketing and debt. You should enjoy using “Real” products not the fakes.

Portable Video games and Smart phones need extra chargers ETC. the perfect find awaits at your local garage sale. More Garage sale Tips 2017.

Smart phones that aren’t the newest and the best are often at garage sales and the items you need to go with them.

If with the newest, best,  phone you roam, then you need to check my podcasts on using the smartphone for garage sales.

Garage Sale Guessing Game from last week. Vintage Slot Car Garage sale Tips 2017

Vintage 1/32 scale Slot Car payed 25 cents at garage sale.
Homestead Custom Creations

I love the ease of use Cosco Folding Table  an affilate link.


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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