Garage sale Softball Bats cheap show #493

Garage sale Softball Bats cheap but first let’s Think 1929, we’re gonna look at a Gibson guitar. Called an L3 guitar. I love acoustic guitars. My favorite that I have is an acoustic, and I’ve had base guitars, electric, and all kinds of stuff like that. Even with the electric guitar, you can switch from one mode to the next, so you know, with a foot pedal you can go boom boom boom boom and you can have 50 different types of guitar sounds. With an acoustic, you’re kind of just locked into one sound. You can do harmonics and stuff like that but basically you’re locked into one type of sound. I can’t imagine how fun it would be to find a 1929 Gibson guitar, because I think I had a hollow bodied, it was either a Gibson or an Epihone when I was younger. If I had it today it would probably be worth a lot of money and I would keep it because it had a very sweet mellow sound to it. Well anyways, this 1929 Gibson sold on eBay for over $1600 dollars. I bet you it had so much amazing sound to it. Gibson’s are a great guitar.
When you’re at garage sales and you find these old guitars, they often let them go for nothing. I mean this one probably, if you found it in a garage sale and it was in a case, you would probably get it for 50 bucks, maybe, at the most $ 150. Don’t forget podcast Garage sale Softball Bats cheap.

  Be very careful when you look at this kind of stuff because there are fakes out there. When you get used to feeling the quality stuff, that’s why I said, it never hurts to go to a guitar store and try some of their high end guitars, used, and then try some of their low end stuff, used and new.  If you wanna buy some, support the store, and buy strings and picks there and stuff. A lot of stores around us are willing to let us go in and try a guitar.

   If you get a good store you can actually go in and they will evaluate amplifiers and guitars for you.  I have a store where I have a relationship and they bought electronics from us or they’ve offered us money for them. So it’s not like we’re just going in there and getting free evaluation of products. It’s a business proposition. We’ve also bought brand new guitars from that store. So it’s a long-term relationship. If you establish something like that early in your garage saleing, If you hit the gold mine on something they will go whoa nice buy.

   If you had brought this guitar you might have thought well this is no big deal  and they would have said wow this is the L3. They would have said can we play it? That kind of response, it’s what you really want to see. Enjoy the podcast  Garage sale Softball Bats cheap.


Garage sale Softball Bats cheap Garage sale Softball Bats cheap Garage sale Softball Bats cheap Garage sale Softball Bats cheap

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