127 Yard Sale Trail 600 miles of garage sale fun Show #503.

127 Yard Sale Trail 600 miles of garage sale fun.

Yard sale trail 150 miles of fun in east Michigan. I will be on vacation next week enjoy summer.

Buying for seasonal savings.

Leaf blowers for under $10 are common, Snowblowers for under $100 for nice one’s.

Mechanics gloves are great for more than just turning wrench.

Military super winter boots, winter jackets for under $10.

If you buy a large or dirty item see if they will deliver it. You might end up paying for gas.

while your trying to cut cost on your budget don’t forget to buy bulk jewelry.

I enjoy buying art and one of these day’s I might get a real valuable piece.

How I taught a garage sale buyer how to negotiate and it was way funny.

garagesalepodcast.com 127 yard sale 2017 garagesalepodcast.com 127 yard sale 2017


Homestead Custom Creations

The silver coin challenge has been fun but we might discontinue it unless we get some comments on it. The Idea was to see how hard it is to coin roll search and we have been at it over a half year. The source we have used is credit unions , stores, and banks. It’s just not as easy as it looks.

The thought and challenge of doing it by sound teaches a very basic silver hunting skill and can be used in other ways. If you have had better results or know of a better consistent source let me know. If  you go to a sale and bounce a suspect silver item for fun you might begin to understand the point.

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Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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