72 hour survival mess kit Show #513

72 hour survival mess kit Show #513 This is way simple stuff. DIY garagesalepodcast.com

“When camping deep in nature, the most threatening thing I run across, is humans”Dan.

Sleeping on the shore of Lake Michigan, Stars ablaze in a jet black sky.

I love survival back packing at Nordhouse Dunes in Michigan.

We go to spots with little trace of man. And we leave it even more pristine.

Just be sure to store your food high, the bears are hungry  :).

We use a 1 gallon mess kit set to carry our most forgotten items in a rushed panic situation.

These could add comfort, peace of mind, and give you an edge in a unplanned emergency event.

72 hour survival mess kit Show #513 DIY garagesalepodcast.com 72 hour survival mess kit Show #513 This is way simple stuff. DIY garagesalepodcast.com

Most items can be found at garage sales. Bargain “B” items list.
Bandana, find a cool one you like, there are many uses for this .
band aids
bottled water
bag of salt and pepper packs
bran bars yes any sports bar, pick what you like.
basic meds
bobber, line, sinker, and hooks
Bic lighter, why try to learn how to rub sticks, just get a Bic and forget it.
baggy of toiletries.
budget poncho (trying to make them all start with “B” 🙂
blade… I prefer a multi tool or Swiss knife.
biotic ointment (antibiotic)
cups, coffee, powder cream, Saw, Games to play, cards.

I f you have a book you have not had time to read this is where it belongs. And dare I say harmonica for your 72 hour survival mess kit.

Field Guide: This could be on many topics like edible plants, first aid, camping, fishing, hunting, survival. Look into a book by Nessmuk.

basic survival book

72 hour survival mess kit

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