Lets push the limits of tech and simplicity using a 5 STEP CLUTTER TO CASH GARAGE SALE Plan.

Garage sale guessing game Item of the week.

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Homestead Custom Creations

Again the table I will be using is in my opinion a workhorse. When it comes to garage sale tables I love Cosco


Lets push the limits of tech and simplicity using a 5 STEP CLUTTER TO CASH GARAGE SALE Plan.
Today were going to celebrate some special people. The first one is the Chick Run Association out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. My friend Ann is a member of that. It’s women riding for women’s causes and they’ve been around for years. They always contribute to local charities for women. Oh and look them up at Chickrunassociation.com. Also look them up on Facebook. Great people, Chick Run Association.

I also wanted to talk about Caregivers today. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU….

Maybe it’s a Spouse, Child, Grand parent, or someone you take care of either Volunteer or as a form of employment.

Thank You for Your service to others in need and your community.

I have decided that you might need the help of a PRO garage sale podcast type of guy and Taddaaa! here I am.

Seriously we all have talents or gifts that we excel at and mine is garage sales.

I will try in the next four weeks to give you the BEST Planned garage sale strategy ever based on my opinion..

I have gone to flea markets ..got a booth and sold out.

I have sold out at garage sales

At the end of one school size vendor sale I sold out, then went to every vendor offering to buy all their silver and Gold items.

I have been known to buy a whole table of stuff at sales without even looking twice at it.

Estate sales  ……matter of fact I sold homes. I sold real estate it was fun….if you like looking at lots and lots of Homes…I didn’t.

If I could do anything for a whole month for free at no cost….I would still garage sale…and all my friends know it.

I can do High End type sales where we serve iced plastic cups with french sparkle water and we charge twice retail or more for everything.

I can do dusty dirty throw it on the ground and everything a quarter except clothing sales. Let’s work 5 STEP CLUTTER TO CASH GARAGE SALE technique.

Let me give you a hand up friend because I feel You are about to become better at many things.


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Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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