How will this shape the way people shop in 3 years?

Day in life of 14 year old in 1970.

Monday 7 am someone wakes you up for school, you dress, then head to table for breakfast.

You poor your bowl of cereal and then munch while reading the back of cereal box.

Climb aboard the loud, slow, school bus. Rocking back and fourth until you find a seat, then stare out the window wake me when we get there.

If you have an awesome memory and fit into the success format you will do well in government school.

Those with less than stellar memory and lacking built in conformity will have a long day.

With the right parents or contacts you can avoid the draft, Join your parents company, and live life like candy.

Without the right everything, you better get ready for the grind.

Day in life of a 14 year old 2020

Monday your smartphone wakes you, flashing, and hitting out at you with a parent annoying song.

The song makes you think of a video that’s funny and the advertisements make you want stuff.

Tossing two chunks of dentist gum in your mouth you head to grab a microwave bagel and cheese.

You straw down juice drink, as a TV news model brain washes about unfix able garbage.

Playing game’s on your smart phone blurs ride to school in family vehicle.

No extra bullies, no looking out the window, wake me when I get there.

How will this shape the way people shop in 3 years?

Next show I try to answer this question.


This is Dan Place, thanks for listening and have a great week.

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