1. 4 Bottled water (more if you travel with kids)
2. Radio
3. Three Bic lighters
4. First Aid kit and toilet items.
5. Contact info for Friends or Relatives.
6. Multi tool or knife and a small mess kit
7. Roll of quarters or $10 cash in 1 dollar bills.
8. decide what emergency clothing you might need keep it very simple
9. 3 small flashlights and booster charger for cell phone
10. bag jerky, energy bars,instant coffee/tea etc. maybe a small mess kit
11. 2 space blankets. 50′ rope. (maybe paracord or tarred bank line)
12. backup supply of emergency meds (aspirin etc also)
13. 2 pair rubber gloves.
14. 2 dust masks and ear plugs
15. roll duct tape and 2 disposable plastic ponchos
16. 1 9’x12′ or about this size plastic drop cloth.
17. 2 -1 gallon zip lock bags and a few garbage bags.
18. 10 wet naps and 1 pack foot or hand warmers
19. loud whistle (might not hurt to get whistle with compass etc. built in)
20. pen and paper,maybe a small info book etc.
Dan Place



“Seven Ways to Change Your Life for the Better”

Prelude: Hi friends or friends to be. This article was written hoping to “Change your life for the better.”

A tough economy, student loans, transportation, just having a coffee with friends, it all adds up to costing money you might not have. Let’s explore how we might increase wealth, improve real lifestyle, and help gain financial ground while enjoying the benefits. These are based on my opinion so why not give them a look over.
1. Shoes and clothing
Getting off on the right foot. This is the spot where you decide what you will and won’t wear from a garage sale. What you will and won’t eat, drink, ride, push, and sleep in, on, or under. People are all different, some demand all new, some not so new, some clean but used. A select few don’t mind dirty. My Doc Martins sell used online for about $50. They are my favorite boot and they were a few bucks “New or near new” at a yard sale. The lady I bought them from had picked them up for her son. He had tried them on and didn’t like them. Wow! Right off the bat I can hear you going “Yikes, I won’t wear used clothing!” You can make money selling them, you can donate them, or maybe wear them. As for my Doc’s they are awesome, were clean when I bought them, and earned their keep. Many times we are able to buy new in the box clothing at garage sales. You just need to know your size and when you see boxes check what’s in them. No I don’t want you getting some foot sickness. If you see “New” Items in the box and you might find that they bought them for someone else or received them as a gift. People sell them often for ten cents on the dollar. My Doc Martins are my favorite boot and they were a few bucks “New or near new” at a yard sale.

2. Creative writing
For years I felt that the yellow legal pad caused my brain to function at its highest point. I only liked using the first few pages, go figure, then I would get writing block. My bad solution was to buy a whole stack of legal pads and just use a few pages and they would stack up. Then I tried a steno pad. (Trumpets blowing!) I could write and just flip the page to a new fresh area. My head was free to write and use the full tablet. Never mind that I could use a PC, Tablet, or Laptop all High tech gadgets I still love paper. At garage sale prices you can buy and try many forms of writing products. Find your media of expression and fly intellectually with me. Try buying notebooks, folders, steno pads, printers, printer paper, and photo stuff galore. I buy these items for 5 cents on the dollar and don’t forget pens and pencils. It feels awesome when you discover what style paper you like and how you like it delivered. Lastly, I recommend the Pilot g-2 pen it is perfect.
3. Art supplies
My daughter’s in law are true artists. Able to create works of art out of wood as in building furniture or restoring vintage Items. Creating new and colorful toys and matching colors is easy for them. Not quite so for me. Being a guy who works on motors as a form of art is what I settle for. Think of all the pretty colors in your common brake job, or maybe replacing a muffler. Here is a partial list of what I observe them using from garage sales for projects. Buying markers, magnets, brushes, copper wire, jewelry making kits, yarn, sewing accessories, fabric, and paints all for very cheap prices. The list is endless and if you shop garage sales you will get them for free many times.

4. Cash
Dare I say it? If you check out my other Podcasts you will find many ways to make money. Last Saturday I went out with Salesman Doug and bought a large box of old, used, dirty, gold and sterling jewelry. It is quite easy for you to learn how to do stuff like that once you have learned my methods. I am not a genius I just use what works for me when at a yard sale. Knowing what it feels like to need a few bucks right now or how it feels to treasure hunt for pure fun and donating to others with needs is something we can and do explore.
5. Furniture
My daughter and I went out shopping for the Princess and found a wonderful reclining chair that was exactly what she wanted. The people we bought it from were amazed when we bent tugged pushed and stuffed it into our tiny car. We paid a small amount for it and it was in wonderful condition. High value furniture at ten cents on the dollar is a real thing. You can find the best products when you are willing to shop. Ask if they can deliver if you have no way to get it home. Or pick up on the way home at the end of the shopping day people are usually nice about it.
6. Transportation
Last weekend I stood looking at a clean vintage Schwinn traveler road bike for $30 it was ride able. I felt I could have bought it for $10 it was worth an easy $100 – $175. I just have not been buying bikes this year so I decided against it. You might have needed a bike and there it was ready to go for cheap. This plays out like this often at garage sales. Right now, yes now, write down on a sheet of paper what kind of money you can spend on a form of transportation. Now imagine buying 10 times the value for that price. I buy $200 plus bikes often for $20. I have found cars, etc. for nice prices. Check my podcasts on buying a car or bike.
7. Luxury
My daughter and I were shopping in Grosse Pointe near Detroit a well-funded garage sale area for sure. We found a whole pile of Luis Vuitton Purses and we decided to buy them all for about $175. We are living large now or so we thought. Then we find out that all our hard earned cash went to, you guessed it, FAKES! They were not the real deal Luis Vuitton. Now we do buy real quality items and we have learned the hard way the feel of high end products. Most people can tell you the whole story on their high end stuff but my podcast might just help you learn a better way to buy. Being exposed to the finest brands made and buying them for almost nothing will change the way you feel about marketing and debt. You should enjoy using “Real” products not the fakes.
8. Extra tip
Portable video games and smartphones need extra chargers and accessories. The perfect find awaits at your local garage sale. Smartphones that aren’t the newest and the best are often at garage sales and the items you need to go with them. If with the newest best phone you roam, then you need to check my podcasts on using the smartphone for garage sales. Hope this gives you an advantage.
Dan Place

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