Back to basics EBAY Listing Show #499

Back to basics EBAY Listing Show #499  Salesman Doug and I go from start to finish on

setting up a listing on EBAY.

Starting from the standpoint of someone who has not done a listing in a long time.

How we do pictures. Are camera settings critical? How hard is it?

What options for our listing. What shipping, how to price, auction vs buy it now.

This is based on our opinions and we hope you enjoy the show.

After putting the listing up within 10 minutes we had 8 views on our item.

What is the key to satisfied customers.

How long we take to ship. And EBAY in my opinion has done a great job with the site.

It is much more easy to list items from what I remember.

Do we refund? And many other thought as we do a live recording of us setting up the listing.

I must also mention that we are getting ready for the 127 yard sale over 600 miles of garage sales.

The yard sale trail is also coming up and that is about 150 miles of garage sales going

around the thumb area of Michigan.

We plan on going to both sales and will be trying some great spots to eat.

I’m thinking of a great hamburger but steaks might be on my menu.

You should try checking back here for more information on when and where.

If you hvae not listened to our podcast this week it’s EBAY Listing Show.

Before I forget a Big thanks to Dennis of Rockford,Michigan for great Appliance buy with fun.

Delivery and set up were smooth and friendly. And Dennis, He sells mostly on Craigslist,

went way beyond normal to make sure the customer was happy.

Again Big thanks to Dennis of Rockford, Michigan.
Homestead Custom Creations

Here is the weekly coin roll search challenge week 36. EBAY sale. EBAY sale. EBAY sale. EBAY sale.


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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