Best day for garage sales show #533.

Best day for garage sales show #533.

Here is an excerpt from my book Stop hating silver 2017.


Best day for garage sales show #533.

Best day for garage sales show #533. garage sale podcast .com

Picture yourself on your own personal quest to find silver you’re riding on a white horse your sword is raised high you’re charging into the fray of garage sales yelling RAGE.
Now mellow that out a wee bit. And you are in the mindset. Going into garage sales or estate sales buying silver and gold.

You don’t know how many times I sat there on lunch. Going through a jumbled up mess of chains,necklaces, or Rings that I bought just because I bought a whole lot of them at one time. And hit a really great buy without ever knowing it. Or I find out the something I thought was silver is gold It happens often. I rarely go through a weekend where I don’t have a situation like that and I love to buy a whole lot. You know the whole box of jewelry. Because then I may find several pieces like that. ***Try this weeks podcast Best day for garage sales.

Silver is important for cell phones and electronics. There’s a huge demand for it. I talked with a professional recycler who I know personally and he talked to me about using chemicals and stripping down electronic circuit boards. It’s caustic and hazardous chemicals I would avoid like the plague. Not for me because it’s just it’s way out of my league you know, it’s over my head, it’s in a direction I don’t go.

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Another source of silver. Can easily be old knives I’m holding in my hand a cake serving Knife and when silver was fifty dollars an ounce I would not have got this knife for the price I got it. It says right on it Sterling handle. You can read it clear as a bell. I can read it upside down and without even a magnifying glass a sterling handle. A lot of people say I wouldn’t buy that because only the handle is Sterling and the rest of it’s stainless steel or whatever. But I have sources where I can get from six to ten dollars for this because there are people that will either collect them for the value of the knife or other people to collect them for the silver content. They have a method for getting the silver off here real quick .
Five gallon buckets full of silver of these type pieces do add up.

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If you missed it Best day for garage sales.

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