The most simple answer is buy the pound.

The complex answer is beyond your vision.

What is art but a design in front of you.
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An excerpt from my book.

And any people who do a lot of jewelry buying and silver stuff . Just from what I said just now you’ll be able to start the process to identify just exactly where it was made when it was made and what it is. You other people that don’t know how to do that yet. It’s something I encourage you to look up.

My favorite thing to see and silver in is made in Italy. I love. Italian silver. And I heard rumors that it’s a higher quality Italy I see there is here’s another want to says in Italy. One of my favorite marking s says “925 Italy”. When it has an interesting thing on the other side,a logo, let me see if I find it real quick. It says in the tiniest type you could ever imagine It says Made in Italy in tiny type so small I can only see it with a magnifying glass. There’s a pristine beauty in form and flow. Just fascinating to me and they make it so tiny an intricate. What skilled craftsman. I’ve kind of given you a theory or a method that I prefer on how to attack the silver at your next garage sale.

I talked about the hallmarks somewhat. And the king’s marks and the maker marks the stamps of tax the locals say are manufacturing codes and stuff like that…….BRASS IS THE NEW GOLD

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Yard Sale Treasure Map, it’s what I use. A great garage sale location tool.



Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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