Brass the new GOLD GSPC show #551.

Brass the new GOLD GSPC show #551.

Brass the new GOLD

Why buy brass?

Yard Sale Treasure Map,  it’s what I use. A great garage sale location tool.

Working on new book for garage sale specialization.

Myrtle beach adventure vs best of shows.

People don’t mean to lie about silver and gold.

They often are just clueless.

Don,t be that way get educated on your silver and gold treasures. Brass the new GOLD.

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In the old days the king would Mint silver or gold coins.  A merchant would get it and he would take a little snip off the edge. And he would save that little tab and after maybe one hundred coins you might get a whole ounce of silver doing that.  or a whole ounce of gold. If every time you just clip a little bit off.

Then someone came up with a great idea of making a little ridge around the coin with little grooves in it on the sides. And then they could tell the coin had been clipped.

I saw a dime online last week where it paid off. People paid more for it as a collectible dime just because it had been clipped.  and I thought wow,  somebody could just sit, and clip coins to resell.  Maybe older Canadian dimes, hich are about eighty percent silver, and clip the edges and sell them on eBay.

I just thought of that. Because I saw a coin that had sold with a clipped edge. But they used to do that. Just to get the weight of the silver.  Now if you look an ounce of silver. Right now is selling for about $14.

Thanks again Dan.


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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