Buying garage sale Kayak’s show #534.

Buying garage sale Kayak’s

I found four kayak’s at garage sales this weekend and thought it a great source of cheap yet quality boating and fishing fun.

I often see a few speed or ski boats for sale when out hunting garage sale treasure.

here is a list of some of the stuff i see and prices.

Kayaks as low as $ 50.

Paddles for $3.

Vest $1 to $10.

Tackle backpacks. $5.

Tackle bag $3.

Fishing lures galore free to $75 for massive sets in maybe three packed pro tackle boxes.

Thule carriers or racks $15.

kayak carrier hauling kits $1.

Trailers for multiple kayaks $125.

Listen close and people will tell you trick spots to go kayaking also think fishing spots.

Listen closer and ask and you will find what people like and don’t like in kayaking.

I enjoyed the talk I had about canoe vs kayak and sit in vs sit on styles.

The talk was with several experienced kayak lovers.

Buying garage sale Kayak's show #534. whee

Buying garage sale Kayak’s show #534.


Here is an excerpt from my book  available at this AMAZON affiliate link Stop Hating Silver 2017.

I love to go to the jewelry first because I go through the jewelry. And chances are in the beginning of a sale. If you are diligent at it Just like the picture of the camouflage and just like the picture of the person you want to meet you go right to that spot for your jewelry. Visualize that you’re holding a ring in your hand or a necklace and walk right there. And if it’s in a small shoe box full of Costume jewelry maybe some rings and stuff.

It’s very difficult for me to go into a garage sale , find a early morning box of rings and jewelry, and NOT find something silver or Gold.

It’s very rare that somebody really was diligent to pick through it all because most people add jewelry to it the night before. Then maybe a friend or another family member adds more to the jewelry box they go with a dollar a piece or quarter a piece price.Enjoy Buying garage sale Kayak’s.

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If you missed it Buying garage sale Kayak’s is this week’s podcast.
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Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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