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Today I talk about Buying Vintage  electronics we all love to find at garage sales and estate sales. Memories of my first Star Wars movie.. on 8 mm film with and old projector on a bed sheet hung on a wall.

Now that is way retro. Try to find your Radios and Electronics that bring back those fond memories. Deep refined audio pleasure is yours. Before I forget next week we launch podcast Sunday night to give you your free GSPC valentine stuff.

Find out what you do and do not know about Super Secret Crystal Radio Technology undetectable. Why you never heard about this why it works and why you need it.

Don’t stare aimlessly at the wall trying to afford the most up to date high tech prep radio system for thousands of your hard earned dollars. Just step out ahead of all the pack and learn what you can really do with this ultra low tech device.

It can also be used as a hobby you might some day need. What gets pushed at you in radio waves you just might want to hear. Check out my opinion on this device.

I used my I-phone and Your Android should be simple also. It’s easy to Connect smartphone to car radio for Podcast just check your owners manual and pick the way that works for you with the techniques that worked for me. In my opinion they will work for others.

I go through my list of each style of hooking it up and why. Please enjoy Connect smartphone to car radio

And if you ask nice you just might find a real treasure to boot.

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 Buying Vintage electronics garage sale podcast its all used

Buying Vintage electronics garage sale podcast

 Buying Vintage electronics garage sale podcast

Buying Vintage electronics garage sale podcast its vintage and used



Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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