Donate your tools show #537.

Donate your tools and smile.

Minimalist thinking can help others.

Why fill your garage or tool box with tools you don’t use.

By giving them to a needy cause you can pass on your unused tools.

Today I tell you how to negotiate when you do buy tools. How to get the best price using win win technique.

Buy tools in bulk for savings.

Don’t be afraid to offer less than what they are asking for tools.

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A brief excerpt from my book Stop Hating Silver 2017.

Look for all forms of silver. And this is the kicker. Ask them if they have any old silverware sets or old jewelry. Ask for old costume jewelry. Dish’s, coin collections, go right down your list as far as you want to go. Because I prefer to ask them if they have an old silverware set First because that seems to work best for me.

Or I might ask them if they have any old rings this is kind of a gut feeling thing trust your feelings. You will be shocked how many times people will say well wait a minute. I have a couple rings I do want to get rid of they will run into the house. In a few minutes they come back out and they’ll say I know these could be sold for scrap. I could take them in for scrap a right now. But I’ll let you have them for X amount of dollars.

I had a college professor And his wife I asked them if they had any old jewelry and specifically asked for rings.  She went in the house then Brought out two platinum rings. They were going to have the two rings made into one platinum ring . They had the stones removed and they were going to build a new ring. But they said, after some thought, we’re going to start from scratch. So they sold me two platinum ring frames without the gems for seven dollars. One was taken by my daughter in law and my son in law. And they mounted a diamond in there and it’s a beautiful ring that she loves .

I love this App and use it often. Remember to Donate your tools.

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Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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