Don’t Buy Stolen Bikes show #540

Don’t Buy Stolen Bikes

Today I do a live in car show while out garage sale shopping.

I talk about how I avoid stolen bikes and it works on other questionable deals.

Injury and other problems can be worked around to keep you in the garage sale game.

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Yardsale treasure map my favorite Garage sale locator gspc YOUTUBE link.

A bonus excerpt from my book Stop Hating Silver.

This book will show how I learned to discover the hidden Silver treasure you want. Showing the quickest route to what you will look for. And it’s going to cover from the basics of how to negotiate a deal at a garage sale to buy a ring. How to discover jewelry. How to discover and identify item’s that are one hundred years old or more. Strategy is also a big part of getting maximum deals and I will teach you sweet secrets.
I love to bring Valuable Items to garage sale hunting friends of mine. We enjoy getting together and comparing treasures.
Some times it’s Gold or Sterling silver, often it’s a rare video game or piece of art. We tell stories of adventure and many times of finding the things people want from their list. Samurai swords, Indian pottery, Sterling dishes, and Jewelry…oh the Jewelry we find.

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Don’t Buy Stolen Bikes show #540 I find Silver Treasure. Don’t let injuries slow you down in your hunt for treasure.


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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