Her group has about 16,000 members and that’s a lot of garage sales.
She tries to use Her local group but can look in other groups.
They can drop off in several ways. Just remember to keep safety as your first goal.

Most of the time you don’t talk you pick up and go. A great time saver allowing people to look for great deals at your leisure and when you feel like it.

A great way to de-clutter your home. Make a list of all the stuff you don’t want or need and list them and go do something else.
Including a Little People conversation in detail. Stuff like a toy barn, circus, mail box etc..

You can just go through local city and then other cities or small towns. Easy to sign up and some groups are private so you might have to politely ask a member to get in. FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE is a fantastic resource.

FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE is also where She gets great buys on Little People and other Vintage items for fun. If you are home bound or unable to garage sale by traveling. Why not give it a try?

If I couldn’t go out to garage sales this would be a welcome addition to my weekend. Think about it selling from home might turn into a small business.

Take a close look at what you have left over that you never use and consider the FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE as a NEW choice for online selling and shopping.

It would be interesting to give The Princess $100. cash and see what kind of jewelry deals She could come up with.

Speaking of items to come up with I picked up a few different kinds of  Jeweler Loupe and here is the one I prefer 10 x 21 mm is the one I most like 10X 21mm Jewelers Loupe
REMIjewels on Etsy
Homestead Custom Creations

 FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE garagesalepodcast.com FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE garagesalepodcast.co FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE garagesalepodcast.co FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE garagesalepodcast.co

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Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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