Hi Friends, Dan Place with Garage sale podcast.com here. Greetings. We’re going to be doing a serious subject today. I’m going to get right into it. Garage sale-ing to help you prepare for a disaster or emergency in your family. It’s funny, we have all these commercials on TV that we probably ignore. If you’re a young mother or a grandparent you’re going to have grand kids coming to your house — if there’s any kind of emergency or problem or if you’re a young parent with children, young children, you need to take care of them. Let’s start off saying I don’t think you’re prepared. How can we solve that problem with garage saleing?

 Let’s start out with I’m gonna give you an example from garage sale-ing that was a solution I was asked about. A friend asked, “What should I do if I have a child that has special needs. That needs a dependable power supply, emergency power supply, should I go buy a gigantic generator and will that be enough back up to run the medical supplies machine that the baby needs?” I said, well based on what I know, you can just buy an inverter instead of going out and spending on a generator. And guess what a generator needs oil changes and might not start in an emergency. You can just go out and buy a power inverter, and that way you can use the actual car that you drive as a generator or truck even a tractor. Be sure to enjoy our podcast this week it’s about FACEBOOK GARAGE SALES.

 I’m going to go to a name brand just as a reference, so you will be able to walk into a popular store like Walmart, you can walk right in there to their automotive section and see a Schumacher power inverter, I believe it’s a 750 or 800 watt power inverter.

 What this does, if you go without power, a 750 watt or 800 watt power inverter will go up to probably to 1500 watts in an emergency for am draw start up. What this means if your power goes out, if your neighbors power goes out, you can power their refrigerator for a few minutes a day. To keep it cold every day for 30 minutes an hour. There’s plenty of sites on the internet on how to take a power inverter and use it to power your refrigerator or anything like that in an emergency or when you’re camping.

 I made it a point of trying to list a few items I want to buy at garage sales and instead of spending 100 dollars at a store, I’m able to get the same thing, many times new, in the box, un-opened, for 10 cents on the dollar. I bought 3 power inverters, 2,400 watts and an 800, and 1,600 watt I believe it was. I got all those, all 3 of them, for 8 dollars. Please enjoy FACEBOOK GARAGE SALES.

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