Football Best Buys on Flat screen TV talking I phone 7 style show #461

  It’s Fall and deals are screaming hot at you local garage sales for Football Best Buys on Flat screen TV talking I phone 7 and more Today on the Dan Place show.

  ***NEXT WEEK I hope to have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE FROM REMIjewels. Saving you money and spreading the fun sounds fun.

  Don’t just let your hopes and dreams be wasted . Get busy shopping for your memories and the thoughts of friends past. And why not join a friend garage sales buying.

 This weeks YouTube Video is on Buying winter Coast and Halo Helmets.

 If your a fan of Bears Football enjoy these pics. And check out the Cree flashlight is awesome.

img_6613 img_6618 img_6619 img_6620 img_6622 img_6623 img_6632 img_6633 img_6634 img_6636

Homestead Custom Creations

And for those needing a Great deal on coats or Halo Helmets check this Video out.


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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