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A update commentary on Roads for garage sale travel.

Today I’m gonna be talking about a real serious problem in Michigan and that is potholes. The safety of our road crews, repair crews, the collapsed economy in Detroit that they’re trying to turn around. The added tax on our gasoline. The failed automotive industry. I’d like to offer a solution. About me a little bit, I started out working in the printing industry. I moved into working with pharmaceuticals, RFID type labels and materials. I got to work on some of the research for when they had the original nitroglycerin patches, I don’t know what exactly they’re called nowadays. I worked on some heart monitoring devices, medical devices etc. and I worked on some, we called them labels where the computer on them was the size of a piece of grain of salt. There’s a lot you can argue back and forth what the good and the bad of all these technologies were. Some of them saved lives and some of them you know may save industries.
I now run a computerized printing machine and digital printers, etc. If you look at 3D printing, our competitors over in China are 3D printing houses now. They can actually do 10 houses in 24 hours and each one is different. These are houses people can live in. They’re printed by a machine. I have a controversial suggestion. I would like to see Michigan become turned around on, I’m calling Governor Snyder, and his team. I’m going to be talking to a state rep in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to Canton for it. I would like to see Michigan lead the world in the development of 3D printing road repair crews, robots, and 3D printing road construction crews. You’re not gonna displace jobs because for every person that loses a hazardous duty job, one person sitting and driving the truck, one moving the cones, and one tapping on the shovel in the hot sun. I envision two people drive a truck, they pull into a site, on a Michigan road. This could go on a road in China, this could be a road in France, anywhere. Michigan made robots would be doing pothole repair. They would go in, evaluate, and tear up the surface with tooling built into the robot.
Quality is not even a word we use anymore because there’s no such thing as quality. Everything is perfect digitally. It’s either perfect digitally or there’s a reason it’s not you just need to fix the reason. ( check our podcast Fun garage sales a few tips Show #495).

Because everything should be perfect digitally every time. When potentially 50 percent of blue-collar jobs are gone, have been replaced by robots. Manufacturers are not here to create jobs, they’re here to be efficient and make profit. You have to have the entrepreneurs, we have to have the founders of all these new industries, we can turn Michigan around. You’re smart enough to build Ford Mustang, really?

Well then you ought to be able to build robot black top paving machines. The robot actually does 3D digitally printing that, guess what the design engineers ought to be sharp enough, go on YouTube and go look at 3D Printing, how you can put different ways of leveling different materials into the construction automatically. So that the roads will last longer in Michigan. Then you don’t have a person going to college, standing out there, holding a sign that says stop or yield. Or slow or something and they get hit by a drunk. Really? We shouldn’t have that in the era of robotics. We should not be having that. We should not settle as Michigan citizens or world citizens anymore. I’m calling on the state of Michigan.
You ask me is it feasible, go to YouTube. The 12 year old kid out mowing somebody’s lawn can go on YouTube, type in 10 houses printed in less than 24 hours in China.

I think that we have an opportunity to turn the state around. We have an opportunity. We can lead in this state, and move our manufacturing as we overload in the production of robotics and lead the way in road repairs and road crews and road building robotics. We’ll have to have manufacturing plants and stuff.  I’m saying we have Governor Snyder, we have a great opportunity here. Why don’t we do 3D printing, build the roads, robotics, sell the materials, get the patents, and lead the world in technology once again.
This is Dan Place with Have a great day
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