Garage Sale selling LIKE A BOSS show #574.

Garage Sale selling LIKE A BOSS show #574.

Angry buyer

VR System

Lets have a garage sale that’s awesome.

  1. It’s OK to have a few overpriced item’s as a draw.
  2. Be reasonable a draw should be maybe 80% max retail price.. just my opinion. Some of the draw item’s for your listing.
  3. Kid’s clothing.
  4. Kid’s books and toys.
  5. Video game …anything old or new draws people research price on CL or EBAY before selling.
  6. Bikes are hot items but the prices have been slammed by box stores.
  7. Used cell phones and chargers.
  8. Tablets and calculators draw.
  9. Mopeds and big items show a clear picture.
  10. All things hobby, people will buy everything you have if it’s what they love and know.

Next week more garage sale setup info.

Next week we test coin and jewelry magnets.

This is Dan Place, thanks for listening and have a great week.

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This years positive quote: 80% of Bananas will never face a hungry monkey.

Yard Sale Treasure Map, it’s what I use. A great garage sale location tool.


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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