Based on my opinion GET HOME BAG LIST 20 POINT PLAN DIY.
1. 4 Bottled water (more if you travel with kids)
2. Radio
3. Three Bic lighters
4. First Aid kit and toilet items.
5. Contact info for Friends or Relatives.
6. Multi tool or knife and a small mess kit
7. Roll of quarters or $10 cash in 1 dollar bills.
8. decide what emergency clothing you might need keep it very simple
9. 3 small flashlights and booster charger for cell phone
10. bag jerky, energy bars,instant coffee/tea etc. maybe a small mess kit
11. 2 space blankets. 50′ rope. (maybe para cord or tarred bank line)
12. backup supply of emergency medicine (aspirin etc also).
13. 2 pair rubber gloves.
14. 2 dust masks and ear plugs
15. roll duct tape and 2 disposable plastic ponchos
16. 1 9’x12′ or about this size plastic drop cloth.
17. 2 -1 gallon zip lock bags and a few garbage bags.
18. 10 wet wipes and 1 pack foot or hand warmers.
19. loud whistle (might not hurt to get whistle with compass etc. built in).
20. pen and paper,maybe a small info book etc.
For more disaster prep info please check out or

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Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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