Government shut down garage sale plan show # 563.

Government shut down garage sale plan show # 563.

In light of the Government shutdown some families were told to hold garage sales to get by.

My thoughts are that this is only the beginning of a new mind set.

And we here at garage sale podcast are way ahead of the situation.

After over 500 shows teaching how I, and a select group of savvy garage sale buyers, have

figured out what works for us, WE ARE READY TO HELP. You will find easy to use instructions on saving

money through buying and selling at garage sale podcast.


This week I was invited to check out a savvy garage sale collector of board games.

We had 6 of us playing games with kids running around in the back ground.

To settle them down our host, who I hope to interview for a future show, gave them a few fun games to play.

Imagination……this is where board games shine.

You might think that board games have gone out of style. You would be wrong.

Check out the fantastic Dark Tower game for an example I have enjoyed the game and so might you.

Some of my favorite games are MONOPOLY, RISK, and CANDY LAND.

Power goes out or the bills are tight you don’t need some fancy pad or laptop game to have

fun. Try one of these games or your own personal favorite and see if they still make you smile.

  1. They are usually cheap.
  2. They are way fun to play with friends.
  3. Most require nothing but a flat surface.
  4. Did I mention cheap, check out prices at a garage sale and you might be amazed how cheap.
  5. They can make tough times easier to bare.
  6. And yes you might just make money reselling them.
  7. Choose your character, roll the dice and pick a card.
  8. Now you remember what fun is.

I am not payed a fee by the sponsors on this show they are friends or family.

Though I do some consignment sales through one of them this is my hobby.

My hope is that in these trying times I can help You.

Legal Disclaimer:
Copyright Dan Place ©2014-2018
Creative commons attribution
Non- commercial
My podcast consists of my opinion
and personal experience and that of my
guests, and should not be construed as
legal or business advice.

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This years positive quote: 80% of Bananas will never face a hungry monkey.

Board Games show #563
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