How I do a podcast 2019 show #556.

How I do a podcast 2019 show #556.

Special thanks for my podcast mentor, Jack Spirko, The Survival

1. Lets say you love farming and could talk for a month and never run out of interesting things to talk about concerning farms.

2. You get to pick a name for your show. For fun we will pick the name “Green Farm Podcast.

3. Grab that e-mail address at one of the free e-mail addresses.

4. Lets assume you have a PC to work your podcast from, yes I know we could do it from a smart phone. But lets face it the PC might be an easier foundation to start from.

5. We will now need something to record our show on so to save time and money lets just pick up a Sony digital recorder. I love the ICD-PX333 made by Sony. Cheap portable and simple to use.

6. Rule #1 if you don’t know how to do a step in this plan GOOGLE it or go to YOUTUBE.

7. Set the recorder on something soft, slightly lower than your mouth at a distance of about 15” from your mouth.

8. Turn on the recorder, using folder #1 and push the record button. you will see the recorder is counting the time increments.

9. You are now doing a show, so talk.

10. No one will be able to hear you if you make a mistake and I will soon tell you how I edit and launch a show.

LORD willing.


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How I do a podcast 2019 show #556. video game collection.








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