How I do a podcast 2019 show # 557.

How I do a podcast 2019 show # 557.

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I use a free file online called sound organizer.

I plug recorder into PC.

open sound organizer.

drag my audio file to desktop.

I now have the core file in the rough on my desk top.

I double click on it and I should hear it play.

Now I open the program called Audacity which I found on the web for free.

It opens real big so I minimize it.

Drag my audio file into the blue gray area and drop.

Whoa this is complex sounding you might think.

This is the digital form of my audio.

Once I use this program enough I start to kind of read it noticing coughs and ahhhhs.

Let me just press the green arrow and see what happens.

Wow that’s me talking, in the rough, without any edits.

We are going to set a few settings and then download my file to desktop.

These are some settings I like and what the show is set at today.

We are going to practice saving my modded file.

First at the top left of the Audacity screen I see the word edit.

I Click it.

On the bottom I see Preferences.

I will Click it and then click where it says quality, then default sample rate I set it to 44100 hz.

Then I click OK.

Now up on top left I click FILE.

Next I go to export/export audio and click.

I Change next change my file name to test 1 then send the file to desktop.

under edit meta tag album title I will put in my first talk, then I hit ok.

I will see a green transfer bar just let it run.

Now I X out of audacity but do not save project so I tell it no.

I now see the file on my desktop.

This is the basic order I do my show in.

Maybe next week I explain my edit procedure.

This is Dan Place, thanks for listening and have a great weekend.

Legal Disclaimer:
Copyright Dan Place ©2014-2018
Creative commons attribution
Non- commercial
My podcast consists of my opinion
and personal experience and that of my
guests, and should not be construed as
legal or business advice.

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