How to Buy and Market used bikes #538

How to Buy and Market used bikes.

Today I talk about the changes in how bikes are selling in stores and online.

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How to Buy and Market used bikes is now on the podcast.

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A brief excerpt from my book Stop Hating Silver 2017.

If you find silver dishes check every last one of them. To determine if there’s Sterling. Now I’m going to tell you a super fast way to search through all the jewelry, and wade through all the dishes. In that fast, super secret way, get your rare earth magnets. You either found it in a hard drive or by now you’ve ordered one from a site like EBAY or AMAZON.

Get a rare earth magnet that’s strong enough to determine whether or not item’s of Silver or gold are real . What I like to do, Is in my front Coat pocket, I’ll have the magnet right there. Or in my pant’s pocket. We guys are lucky, we have this little tiny Pocket on the right hand side of our blue jeans. Maybe a pocket watch is what they were originaly made for. You might put a magnet might slip in there.

I mounted a magnet on a little piece of cardboard Just what my opinion was on mounting it.. See what work’s best for You. Just remember the magnet is very powerful and set it up for your safe use.

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Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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