Live in car while garage sale shopping Show #494

Live in car while garage sale shopping Show #494
This is episode 494, and my kitty cat who I’m gonna put a picture of is meowing like crazy. He wants to be in here, his name is Shelby and he’s named after my Shelby hot rod I had. I don’t know if any of you people have ever bought records or albums. I’ve always been silly on those. I’ve even had autographed ones. They’re never worth anything. I am the worst at vinyl.

I never find anybody that wants them or they’re never worth anything. I don’t have a good record player, right now I don’t even have any record player. But I looked online and found a Louis Armstrong key hole blues 1928 album. It says E plus, I don’t know if that’s a rating or a rare issue. But the thing about it was it’s sold for over 700 dollars. Let me say that again it sold for over 700 dollars. By the way check out podcast #494 Live in car while garage sale shopping.

Why do I never find these kinds of records? I just don’t know what, you know, I don’t know what to look for. Or maybe just I’ve looked at so many records that I just throw in the towel. I mean there’s a few rare records I know of that I’m looking for, for instance the Butcher album. If I have to tell you what that is then you don’t know.
That would be one that would be, I would readily recognize that. Having a sip of delicious hot coffee while Shelby meows in the background. [LAUGHTER] But anyways, I look at this album it’s a black album with a red label that says “Ok”, its Okay E-Y, like OKEY Electric and Louis Armstrong was awesome, and what a great talent but I just can’t believe it’s worth that much money. There must be something very rare about that record and I’m not a record expert, I’ve bought so many pounds, pounds of records. I’ve played around, they’re so heavy to move and I don’t know what’s valuable. So if any of you know of records, I think that’s really cool, you should drop me a line. Leave me an email and it would be fun just tell me what kind of records you dig and what’s cool.

And I found out that the sticker version of the Butcher is worth over $2,000. WOW !!!

Live in car while garage sale shopping

Live in car while garage sale shopping Show #494 Live in car while garage sale shopping #494
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The coin search continues.


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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