Minimalist living Room 2017 show #514.

Minimalist living room 2017 show #514.

This list is based on my opinion, I am not an expert on Minimalism.

NEED… Comfy couch with room for a group of five friends to hang out. Maybe a small table with four chairs.

Position couch as primary TV viewing area to compliment small table with four chairs.

Kind of an overflow area for both directions.

Estimated garage sale price couch $75, Table and chairs $40. Total guess price $115.

Ask seller of couch and tables if they can deliver. Some will do it for free.

Not a NEED but maybe a want … Table cloth, Centerpiece, etc. Deck of cards or simple games.

Smart Phone with unlimited data plan.

This is your news source, family and friends portal, Endless entertainment supply, and tool box for intellectual work.

NEED…. get a great phone or tablet and stop worrying about it.

You could share a Smart phone with a very close friend to save money, but what will they use?

NEED ………Big wall mounted Flat screen TV. If you don’t see this as important, you don’t NETFLIX.

NEED ….. Paper Plates, Plastic knives, forks, and spoons. With a Working Microwave.

NEED…. Your favorite beverages, and lots of them. I enjoy my Keurig machine with Doughnut Shop coffee.

This has been Dan from Talking Minimalist living Room 2017.

I have begun work on my third book in the garage sale podcast “Stop Hating” series it is called “Stop Hating Costume Jewelry”.  Here is a excerpt from my almost finished second book “Stop Hating Gold 2017”

Take this gold chain, it’s all beat up, Nobody really wants it. It’s Friday afternoon and you want to have cash to take the family out to dinner, a movie, maybe a shopping spree. At $700 scrap gold value. If you are someone who scraps jewelry outright, you might not care about anything but weight. Give me the $700 scrap gold money.

At a jeweler In my area, unless it’s a designer product, you’re not going to get a premium on it. Now if you have a jeweler you deal with often, they may give you one hundred percent of the scrap Gold value or more. Your jeweler may think they have a resale potential. Think trading in a used car. You might get a 20 percent higher price just for being loyal think $840.

Now you could take the family out to dinner, a movie, maybe a shopping spree. All because you know how to play the game, imagine a 20 percent higher price, just for being loyal, again think $840.

Stop Hating Gold 2017.

Legal Disclaimer:
Copyright Dan Place ©2017

My book consists of my opinion
and personal experience and should not be construed as
legal or business advice.


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