Storage Shelves for EBAY garage sale podcast show # 522.

Storage Shelves for EBAY garage sale podcast

What is a Spork and why should you care?

Storage Shelves for EBAY and Craigslist as I prepare to start selling online.

Positivity is my goal for trying not to get my EBAY slammed by send backs. How in the world can you make crooked people respond in an honest way? I have seen a scam artist first hand swindle people online and not show an ounce of remorse. So how do you sell in the EBAY arena without getting stuck in the mud of refunds and send backs.

Let’s be honest a lot of them want a refund or new item without sending  “bad item” back.

It will take more than just good will to get this working right. Anyone with advice drop me a note.


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Today’s thought-provoking history , art, Encourage, Entertaining, Help people, Stop Hating Silver 2017, life changing, music, Pass the time while you drive, Modern Positivity, Play the “Spin the positive wheel game”, your free good mood, please check out your positive , And we use Skull Splitter 100 sided dice.A burst of upbeat entertainment to improve your life by using good vibes to crush greed, fear, and hate.  Using Modern Positivity.

Seven positive points: PICK ONE

1. Look in the mirror and like something about yourself, say it out loud.
2. Compliment others with sincerity.
3.Remember, it’s not just you going through this, you are not alone.
4.Treat everyone as if they are your best friend, until they become it.
5.Boost your mind and body with a mental or physical challenge.
6. A good mood is contagious, so spread it!!!
7.Allow yourself to unwind, with art, music, this podcast, or maybe a movie. Lose yourself in it.

Storage Shelves for EBAY garage sale podcast Deer head

Storage Shelves for EBAY garage sale podcast


Turning $1 cash into $100 merchandise and having fun while doing it. Let the Adventure begin.
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