Storm Preparedness list from garage sale show # 541.

Storm Preparedness list

1. Set up a shelter room in your home or find a designated storm shelter area where you live. Do it now not when you are in a panic storm situation.

2. Smart Phone or Radio, I use my radar app on my phone and doubt it will go down with a storm but just in case i also have a radio that is set to a local station. My favorite garage sale radio is the GE Super Radio. I will post a review I did a while back for you today.

3. First Aid Kit: The ones I find at garage sales are amazing people get them as gifts and work handouts and just give them away for like 1 dollar.

4. Water yes I find them at garage sales cheap. (usually on ice) My thoughts are go to the store and buy a case or two.

5. Address book with phone numbers. Yup this belongs on your Storm Preparedness list.

6. Power Inverter if you own a home or have loved ones who need electricity. Yes you can buy generators at garage sales and I do but for emergencies I prefer the Inverter with a good extension cord.

7. Spare Fuel gas or diesel and oil.

8. Flash Lights are the easiest buy to get from garage sales hands down. Find a Cree light or an LED MAG lite.

9. $200. CASH on hand in a safe spot. Don’t depend on the ATM’S.

10. UV5R for the most dedicated radio person. I have not found one ata a garage sale yet.

Here is a YOUTUBE video on my radio the GE SUPER RADIO.

For more information please check out other Storm Preparedness list.



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