Yard Sale Treasure Map App. show #535.

Yard Sale Treasure Map App. show #535.

Yard Sale Treasure Map App. The perfect way to locate garage sales, estate sales, and moving sales.

So people when silver is going up People tend to notice it and think it’s more valuable than what it is. When silver really goes down like it has recently people really regard it as junk.

There’s people that cheat around Precious metal laws but for garage sales type buying at low prices generally it’s not worth the bother and because you’re buying used jewelry generally. You can look at and see if it all makes sense.

Also you can find Fake necklaces or necklaces that are plated steel or some other thing aluminum whatever. With the little ornaments, pins, decorations, or broaches ,those can be marked in sections. Think Black Hills Gold and their 14kt red leaves. Markings for either pure gold, part gold, sterling or whatever.

So always check the entire thing and generally when I buy a necklace for fifty cents and I look at it and it looks like it’s gold or it looks like it’s Sterling, I’ll buy it. I love to buy and I put a whole bunch of them in a bag or box or whatever. And then I like to have a slow lunchtime. I like to stop somewhere and then while I’m eating lunch I like to look through the jewelry and see which ones real or fake.

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Yard Sale Treasure Map App. is this week’s podcast.
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